Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My home studio.

Since we are creative people, I think it is very important to surround yourself with a suitable enviroment for your creative endeavors. I thought I would share what my home studio space looks like. I have it set up in my bedroom(not the ideal space, but I make it work). I built the desk on the right. The desktop is ajustable, so I can put it down flat if for whatever reason I need more flat working space. It comes in very handy. The desk on the left is set up more for multiple purposes. I keep my computer on there as it is shown, but I'll do other school work on there as well. Above the desks, I have a ton of sketches, caricature studies, and a rough pencil drawing. I like to have the references available when I am working on a final drawing(like the one sitting on the desk). I would like to have a great big bulletin board there, but for now, I'll stick with taping drawings to the wall.

This setup has worked great for me so far. The extra desktop area really helps out when switching between drawings. Also, its nice not to have to clear off my whole desk to work on other school work. I think its a pretty efficient use of my small bedroom space. I would encourage anyone who doesn't have some sort of drawing space at home, to make one. It's so much easier to stay motivated to create art when a space is readily available.

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