Tuesday, September 16, 2008

These are the three first 30 min. poses that I drew in life drawing. As one of the main things we have been working on thus far is gesture drawing, I don't find it surprising that my drawings improved in several areas: even if it was only over the course of three longer poses. One of the things that I really enjoy about gesture drawing is that it gets the artist to focus on quick mark making and the "gesture" of the subject. I feel that I tend to work rather quickly, and in a sense the gesture drawings help me block in the critical information that I see quite accurately.

The first drawing is doesn't appear to be laying very naturally. I'd say that I didn't capture the relaxed position of the right arm. Also, the torso isn't defined very well. Its foreshortened, but I made it a little too massive with a too much bulk. The line weight doesn't very as much as I would have liked either, especially in the feet and legs. If I would have thickened those lines up more, or lightened up the other lines, the closer parts would pop more.

The second drawing has a better use of line weight, but the left shoulder is sitting a little unnaturally.

I'm pretty pleased with the results of the third drawing. The legs look just a tad too muscular and short. But for the most part, I captured the pose pretty well and used a good variety of line weight. I added a bit of tones to show some musculature wich I think turned out pretty good. It really helped to start out drawing the curves of the spine. That set up how the rest of the body would be posed.

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