Wednesday, December 17, 2008

skulls and gestures

Life drawing I has been a great learning experience for me. My drawings have benefited in several ways: I've gotten better control of the structure and proportions of the human body, I've renewed a looser drawing technique, and I've gotten a better variation in line wheight and value. The biggest gain for me has been learning all the parts of the body. Knowing the actual anatomy makes it a lot easier to use landmarks on the body and therefore get a more proportionate drawing. It brings a lot more life into the drawing when the pose is very natural and not awkward. One thing that helped me in that department was gesture drawing. It loosened up my drawings so much, and helped give the more lively pose/gesture to the drawing. Using a good variety in line weight and value brings a lot of life to the drawing as well. I had been in the habit of doing dark outlines in many of my drawings, but once I started adding lighter tones, it pushed the depth of the drawing a lot more.

All in all, Life Drawing has been a very favorable experience. The level of my drawings has increased much more than I would have expected. I can't wait to take Life Drawing II.

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