Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Vertebrae and an angry misshapen skeleton dude.

Here's a few of the vertebrae. The first is an example of a thoracic vertebrae. I really enjoyed drawing the form of that one. The front 3/4 view drawing was a bit more successful. The proportions are much better and it has good symmetry where the second is lacking in both areas. The second drawing is of a lumbar vertebrae, and both of them are pretty successful with regards to proportion and symmetry. I wish I would have used the values to push the perspective and give it more depth (something I did much better with the thoracic vertebrae.) I'm finding myself using a lot better variation in line this semester, and I'm really happy about it. In life drawing I, I didn't think line variation was as important in these drawings as it really is. Now I can see that, and I know how much further I still need to push myself.

Drawing the rib cage was a lot of fun. It's very tedious and a little more difficult, but lets face it, the rib cage is pretty sweet. Any way, one thing I really need to work on is putting value on the planes to make the form feel more solid and give it more volume. I didn't really add any value to the rib cage and because of the slender feel of the ribs, it becomes too outlined and flat.

The little guy on top is a disgruntled retiree who enjoys whittling little wooden birds, tying flies, and throwing rocks and beer cans at the neighborhood children as they pass his yard.

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