Monday, December 7, 2009

Black and White Update

I've been taking a short break from the "Black and White" graphic novel to work on a few illustration projects. Below is a Christmas card illustration. I decided to try it going completely digitally. I started with a pencil drawing, then started painting over the top of it. It's starting to take shape, and I'm enjoying the process.

He're's the roughs for page 1 of "Black and White." I started working it out traditionally with pencil and paper, but I thought I'd try it out in photoshop as well. It's working pretty well especially for making revisions and fine tuning. From here, I'll blow it up to about 11x14, trace and tighten the drawing on bristol board, then finally ink it. Long process, but allows for more and more corrections at every stage eventually producing a good strong drawing.

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