Monday, March 2, 2009

Rush Limbaugh: what a jackass

I really dont care too much for Rush Limbaugh, and his popularity really surprises me at times. On the one side of the coin, I support the fact that he has some good conservative ideals, but the way that he goes about forcing them down America's throat, is just down right uncalled for. There is an irritating amount of fallacy in the things he says, which I think adds to his "charm" if I can call it that. Rush is rapidly becoming the voice of the Republican party which I would say is a lose-lose situation for everybody. His zeal and more often than not lack of something credible to say are a hinderance to debate and smart conversation everywhere. I really feel that he's an old, angry, jackass with too many naive listeners who take Rush's word verbatim (which would be the real tragedy of conservative talk radio).

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