Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Something Politically Correct

For Painting III, I started working on illustrating a picture book that I'm collaborating on with a former Stout student. The idea behind the book is we're creating fictitious pieces of literature or conversations from a list of characters we came up with. For example, below is a conversation between Joquin Phoenix and his mother after his appearance on Letterman. Each one is supposed to be rather satirical, yet relevant to the character and the reader.

Joquin Phoenix

This one is of Rush Limbaugh as a child in school. Kyle (my cohort) came up with a hilarious letter from Rush's kindergarten teacher to his parents. Above is the inked drawing.

And this is the final colored piece. I guess I'm okay with how it turned out. Watercolors are rather finicky for me. At time's I'll get results that I feel are outstanding, then on the very next piece I'll want to throw it out half way through painting it. As for successes in the drawing, I really enjoyed the exaggeration of Rush's body, and the pose of the kid he's bullying.

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