Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Blogging about blogs

I've really enjoyed the blogging process. I think it's a great addition to a drawing class. Many of my coworkers/coleagues, and fellow artists have blogs that they update semi-regularly most notably Tom Richmond www.tomrichmond.com (my boss, and MAD Magazine illustrator extraordinaire) He blogs on all things art, illustration, and caricature. Once a week he'll post a sketch or two, as well as illustration jobs he's working on or recently finished. I also follow several cartoonist blogs that tend to post a single panel cartoon every day, or close to it. It's refreshing and inspirational to see new work everyday.

Apart from those other blogs, I've found our life drawing blogs to be a great outlet to share what us art students so diligently work on every day. We don't really get to look over or dissect each others work in class to a great degree, not to mention see students' work from other classes. We all together have a very large body of work, and its great to be able to see that work that we might not otherwise see.

That being said, I would like to see others post more of their work from outside this class. I would especially like to see their work from outside school altogether. That is the stuff that people tend to put a lot of themselves into thus making them stronger pieces as a whole. I have found several blog posts from my classmates that were quite interesting. I enjoyed Jennie Ekstrand's posts of ongoing shows and the like. It's nice to be in the know about things like that.

As for my own blog, I've kept pretty up to date on assigned posts as well as adding several extra posts of projects I've been working on or sketches I enjoyed etc. I haven't kept up on posting comments quite as well as I should have. But overall, I think I have portrayed myself clearly as the artist I am, and the art I create.

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