Monday, November 10, 2008

I've noticed much improvement in my gesture drawings as the semester has progressed. One aspect that has I've fixed is that my early gesture drawings didn't show the long axes very well.(1) Also, they aren't very naturally situated. Just the way that I very jaggedly outlined parts of the figure make it feel stiff and rigid.(2) The outlines flatten the drawings. Even though they are quick gesture sketches, there is no sense of depth because of the uniform line weight and value.(3) None of the first three drawings correctly show any volume in the figure.(4) There are no rib cages or pelvises.

On my more recent, better drawings, most or all of the afore mentioned items have been corrected. In the 30 second pose(5) the rib cage is foreshortened and shows good depth. (6) I could have pushed the variety in the line weight and value to create more depth.(7)
The 60 second drawing(8) really captures the figures pose. I set up the long axes pretty well(9) but missed it in a spot here or there as well.(10) I think I used a good variety of line weight and value,(11) and that makes the drawing much more appealing. I think I did a good job placing the rib cage and pelvis.(12)
The 10 minute drawing(13) was done from the skeleton and I added some musculature. I really enjoyed this one. Again I used a good variety of line weight and value, as well as rendering some of the muscle groups.(14) Taking the time to do this drawing helped me to start concentrating on the long axes a bit more when drawing from the live model.

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xenia elizabeth said...

the two gesture drawings with line are excellent. keep the qualities you have in them even as you move into longer poses-open form, varied line, seeing/drawing the essentials.