Sunday, October 5, 2008

Gumby on the disection table

I started off building up the spinalis muscles beginning with the cervicis muscle. It felt a little strange at first, not knowing exactly where to place it. Even having the pictures right in front of me, it was a challenge to translate the small scale of the picture to the third size model. But after getting past that, it was easier to put the muscles into place. I finished up the spinalis muscles(around the back of the neck and along the spine). Then came the longissimus muscles which are placed just outside of the spinalis muscles(still attached to the spine). The twisting nature of these muscles made it a little harder to build, yet it helped to illustrate how our muscles are tightly woven together. Next were the iliocostalis, followed by the abdominal muscles. These muscles were a bit more interesting to put on the model as they cover the stomach, intestines, and other vital organs. They add more mass to the figure in a way that is more separate from the skeleton.
The only problem that I feel that I had while using the clay was to find the right amount of clay to use for each muscle. This was an easy “guess and check” solution, followed by trimming with a knife or clay tool. This experience will help me to realize how much mass to draw on a given muscle. I feel like I have a new understanding how to render musculature on a figure.

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