Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Vote early, vote often.

Here's a couple pen and ink doodles. I've worked as a caricature artist at Valleyfair in Shakopee MN the last two summers, and I've gotten an earful from many a customer about making them too fat, their nose too big, buck teeth, colossal ears, etc, and the list goes on. I did the first drawing after getting a drawing returned from a rather obese woman who had no reservations about telling me where I should stuff the drawing. But these very instances are a great learning experience. We as artists, or in whatever we are doing, have to be able to defend our work, and sound competent while doing so. But at the same time we have to be open to criticism. I definitely wont be taking advice from a visually illiterate carnival goer, but when someone has something of value to say, its important to listen.

Well, my caricature woes aside, I thought I'd do an Obama and McCain. Election day is coming up soon, and I hope everyone ready to exercise their democratic rights. As they say, vote early, vote often.

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