Thursday, October 23, 2008

Two poses I supposes

The first image was an hour long pose. The last couple of poses that we have done, I have been trying to make a special effort to concentrate on the long axes. I spent the majority of the hour doing just that. After those were in rather loosely, I started drawing the individual bones. I found this to be a big help in rendering the muscles correctly. It makes it easier to see where they attatch and what not. Not to mention, I think my proportions have gotten better because of it. With about 15 minutes or so left, I started rendering some of the muscles. I didnt really have a good vantage point for a lot of the muscles that we've studied so far, but it wasnt hard to figure out and approximate the muscles that we havent learned.

The last drawing was a ten minutes pose from the skeleton. I found it very helpful to go from drawing the skeleton to the live model. I had all the long axes lengths, shapes, and angles in my head before starting the live model. I hope to do more sketches from a skeleton either in class or on my own. Anyway, I started to use a good variation in line weight and value, but I think I just went over some of the lines one to many times and it started to look to much like an outline. I tried to exaggerate the curves of the spine, and I think I did a good job without it getting too out of hand.

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