Thursday, October 9, 2008

Unsweetened Ice T

Here's a couple drawings/paintings I've done in the last week or two. I've been trying to use a variety of mediums lately. I really enjoy the layered opaque vs. translucent look of watercolors. I have found it frustrating to get the look I want with them, but after doing a bunch of watercolors over the last couple months, I'm starting to see some progress. It's a medium that can be hard to control if you don't slow down and think about each mark you make. The first drawing/painting is of Ice T. Drawing his caricature is like shooting fish in a barrel-lots to work with. I was watching Law and Order the other day and just felt an overwhelming need to draw him... so I did. The second drawing is pretty straight forward. Sarah Palin, Queen of Alaska, and VP candidate. I'm not exactly a fan, but she seems to be in the spotlight, so I figured an editorial type illustration was in order. I did the drawing in pen and ink, then colored it with watercolors. Once again, I like how the watercolors play with the "comic book" style of the pen and ink. The next drawing is of the charecters from Lord of the Rings. It was a fun piece to do except that the original is 18"x24" and it took a long time to draw out, then ink. But it was a good experience to work that large with a more detailed drawing. And lastly is a little political cartoon that I thought was timely. Not much else to say about that guy.

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