Friday, October 17, 2008

A little "Palin" around with terrorists aka watercolors...

Here's two little doodles I did this past week. I would say I'm far from satisfied with the results, but I'll take what I can get I guess. It seems every time I feel like I'm making some progress with watercolors, I take about 6 steps back and completly dispise everything I paint. I guess it's all a learning process. Any way, I had been wanting to do the Sarah Palin drawing for some time. I wasn't sure how exactly I was going to do it, but this was what I came up with. I tried to make it like a geology diagram similar to a depiction of the earth's layers. I thought it would be a silly way to show her limited and seemingly unqualified qualities.

The second one is a painting of the ancient Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones. Initially I had planned on doing a very loose and sketchy drawing in colored pencil and then render it with watercolors. I like using watercolrs and achieving a loose feel to my paintings. I wanted to compliment that with the colored pencils, but I think I get too anal about tightening up the painting and trying to eliminate "sketchy" lines. Its very self-defeating as thats exactly what I was going for in the first place, but it's just how I draw. I used the colored pencils to add some darker values and tighten up some lines. All in all, I'd say it turned out allright, far from perfect, but once again, it's a learning process.

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