Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Vote Communist Party Nov. 4th

For anyone thats been keeping up on the Presidential race, (or Presidential rat race the way all the mud slinging is going) here's a couple political cartoons. Obama's tax plan is very much involved with the phrase, "spread the wealth" giving tax break/credits to those making less than $250,000. As soon as McCain and Palin were done calling Obama an unpatriotic terrorist, the next logical step was to call him a socialist. Although parts of the thought of spreading the wealth might seem to have roots in socialism, but then again, I do recall a some $700 billion dollars of taxpayers money being used to support and pretty much nationalize banks. But enough of politics. The first drawing was kind of a fun piece to do. Although Karl Marx is quite dead right now, I'm not sure Barak would have gotten an endorsement from him.

I also felt it necessary to do a drawing of "Joe the Plumber." McCain seemed to talk an awful lot about him at the last debate, bringing his name up some 20 times or so. By the way, there's way to many Joe's in this race: Joe Biden, Joe six pack, and now we have a Joe the plumber. Maybe next Joe Camel will stop in, or best case scenario, Snoopy drops by as Joe Cool.

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